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Tobacconist University Event | Thursday March 5th @ Londonderry
Last year, Tobacconist University, the premier educational resource for the premium tobacco industry, released the R&D Cigar Line as a way to show cigar smokers how each component of a cigar influences the finished product.

On Thursday, March 5th @ Londonderry, Jorge Armenteros and Duane Dinkins (President and Vice President, respectively) will be here to introduce the R&D Cigar and answer any burning questions you may have about the involved process of refining premium tobacco products.

This is going to be a great event and will be very informative. Make a point of stopping by!

Peterson Pipe Shoe | Tuesday March 17th
By popular demand, we will once again be hosting the Peterson Pipe Show. This is a great event for everyone, from those thinking about trying pipe smoking to those that are pipe experts. There will be great specials on both pipes and pipe tobaccos and Jon Murphy of Ashton Distributors will be here to educate and make recommendations.

... watch for more events coming soon ...

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