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K.A Kendall's Limited Edition Series
Thats right our very own Kurt Kendall's Hustler series is finally here!!! Its more delicious than I remember, It will come in a 3 Vitola Box. Yes that's right 3 sizes one box!

This is a long awaited cigar from K.A Kendall's 7.20.4 series and it is a limited one, so you better get your today while supplies last!!!

Monticristo Epic 2
Brand New & Flying off the shelves
So Special, So Unique, So Select, It's Epic,

The task of creating Montecristo Epic was assigned to a special team of our most skilled and accomplished cigar makers - Grupo de Maestros - artisans with centuries of combined experience. It is a true handmade luxury, a masterpiece of complexity and full-bodied smoking pleasure made of the finest aged tobaccos - Vintage 2007.

Every step of the process, from hand selecting the ultra-premium tobaccos to each cigar's flawless construction is performed with meticulous attention to detail and obsessive devotion. Each cigar is hand inspected and every box includes a certificate of authenticity signed by the artisans at every step. That's what makes the cigar Montecristo. That's what it makes it Epic.

Wrapper: Select Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Special Selection of Vintage Nicaraguan & Dominican Tobaccos

Drew Estate Limited Edition
Herrera Esteli
Herrera Esteli is the brainchild of Willy Herrera, newest member of the Drew Estate team. Willy's presence at Drew Estate is notable, as he brings an authentic Cuban influence to the team. Herrera Esteli is a medium plus blend with an exceptional amount of creaminess and great balance of spice and sweet. Herrera Esteli will be available in select retailers in 25ct Slide Lid Boxes. The brand will feature five sizes, including the Short Corona Gorda, Robusta Extra, Lonsdale Deluxe, Toro Especial, and Piramide Fino.

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Honduran
Filler: Nicaraguan
Body: Full
Strength: Medium/Full

Espinosa Habano
The Espinosa Habano cigar is the first cigar to be made in Erik Espinosa's new "La Zona" factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. A med-full bodied cigar that satisfies the palate with rich flavors such as cocoa, spice, pepper and sweet... The exact blend will not be revealed. According to Erik "the colonel will never reveal their 11 herbs and spices."

H Upmann Legacy 2008
The H.Upmann Legacy incorporates a 2008 Ecuadorian Sumatran wrapper, a savory Nicaraguan binder, and an blend of aged Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos. From the mouth of Javier Estades who overseas the production of H.Upmann and other premium cigars at Altadis, this cigar is a "modern reinvention of a classic brand which offers a great, full and rich smoke." This is a special cigar through and through with aged tobacco and a Sumatra wrap that is rarely used in making H.Upmann cigars.

Hammer & Sickle New Release: Berlin Wall
The Berlin Wall cigar is made by Hammer and Sickle is and it is a perfect complex cigar with hints of woody spice, and smacks of leather flavors. The Berlin Wall cigar has a old school pre-embargo Cuban taste to the cigar. The Berlin Wall cigar is full flavor, with nice kick medium-bodied tobaccos it is the 2nd cigar from the Hammer and Sickle cigar collection.

The Berlin Wall Cigar will be limited to select dealers and fewer than 500 boxes will be made and shipped. So put those Macanudos down and smoke something new and exciting, try a box of the Hammer and Sickle Berlin Wall Cigars!!

Hammer & Sickle New Release: Hermitage
A medium to full body cigar Hermitage No.1 delivers distinct complexity, and is truly a smoke that will appeal to the sophisticated palette of a seasoned cigar smoker. It boasts a powerful interplay of rare spice and leather flavors with a rich, sweet earthiness only delivered by Nicaraguan tobaccos.

Grown in volcanic soil at the base of the Andes Mountains, the authentic Ecuadorian Habano Wrapper is silky smooth. The local farmers call this tobacco "cloud grown," as the consistent broken cloud cover caused by the mountains protect the leaves from an overabundance of harsh, direct sunlight. This protection results in a succulent less veiny wrapper, which we believe is the perfect finish for the blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos that lie beneath.

The filler and binder, often and afterthought in many cigars, are the heart of Hermitage. The binder is Nicaraguan criollo grown near Estelí, and composed of 100% ligero. The filler is a distinct mix of Nicaraguan criollo tobaccos including ligero, secco and viso all grown in the Jalapa Valley. This rich blend delivers the soul of the cigar, a trademark sweet earthiness.

I always compare blending tobaccos to blending wine: There's all different types of growing climates that produce different tasting products. I'm going for a rich, full-bodied cigar, but I want it to be very smooth.

The United States' longstanding trade embargo with Cuba makes it impossible to use the original Havana filler, so we have partnered with manufacturers in Honduras and Nicaragua to blend his perfect product, aging and fermenting the tobacco, then rolling the cigars before aging them again in Spanish cedar boxes for 120 days. That process melds the flavors together to "mellow it out a bit".

We came out with this unique blend from 5 counties. The flavor is very nice with a Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper, Columbian binder and 3 different fillers.Upper medium bodied with amazing flavor and aroma. 4 sizes to start, 3 with pigtails. All are available in boxes of 20, 5 packs and singles.

Click here to order or read more about it on the Cow Hampshire Blog.

Regius from Don Manuel Quesada
Regius Cigars entering in an exclusive distribution agreement with SAG imports. The press release also mentioned a new Regius White Label which was to be made in the Dominican Republic at Manuel Quesada's MATASA factory, and released at the 2012 IPCPR in Orlando, Florida.

The new Regius White Label is a Dominican Puro which is available in 3 vitolas, a 5⅝ x 54 Robusto, a 6⅛ x 52 Torpedo, and a 6 x 50 Toro. This cigar has a little bite but not to offend the occasional smoker.

Size: 6 x 50
Wrapper: Dominican Habano vuelta arriba
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican
Strength: Medium to Full
Body: Full
Flavor: Full

Jon Huber's Headley Grange
Headlley Grange is the sophomore release from the guys over at Crowned Heads. Their first release Four Kicks floored most of the cigar community and set an incredibly high standard for them to follow. The inspiration for this new blend came from the drum beat from the Led Zeppelin classic tune "When the Levee Breaks". Jon Huber said he wished they could blend a cigar that tasted like the first six seconds of "When the Levee Breaks" the heavy ominous sound created from the drums. He told me about the conversation he had with E.P. Carrillo to describe what he wanted the blend to taste like. He said "Ernie was on the phone, so I put him on speaker phone here in the office and I had 'When the Levee Breaks' cued up and I started playing it for him, I told him I want the cigar to taste like this sounds!" So thats great and all, but where does the name Headley Grange come from? Well its the name of the house where Led Zeppelin recorded this song, along with quite a few other albums.
•Wrapper:Ecuadorian Sumatra
•Smooth, rich and well constructed

Cigar of the Week
The Foundry
General Cigar is proud to introduce FOUNDRY, a new boutique collection created to amplify the artistry and romanticism of premium cigars.

Visual considerations aside, FOUNDRY's avant-garde approach extends to its masterfully balanced synthesis of flavors. Featuring an indulgent collection of five proprietary tobaccos from four different countries, each aged between three and six years, Foundry's foundation is amplified through an eight year old wrapper developed by General Cigar. Called H-47 Pleno Sol, the lustrous wrapper imparts a deeply complex, layered smoking experience like no other.

Hot and New!
La Gloria Cubana Piramide Supra
Team La Gloria has produced a limited run (777 boxes) of an exclusive 7¼ x 62 Piramide Supra for only select retailers, like Twins Smoke Shop. Aged for three years and available in unique 10-count boxes.

Alec Bradley Fine & Rare
Alec Bradley has finally released the cigar we've been waiting A LONG TIME for! The Fine and Rare was rolled in August 2010 by a special team of rollers at the Raices Cubanas factory in Honduras using a 10 different tobaccos in the blend. Since only 1,111 boxes were produced, Alec Bradley decided to release the cigar on 11/11/11. Each Fine and Rare cigar is not only numbered, but each also bear the signature of company founder, Alan Rubin, and also that of the company's VP, project manager, the roller, and the buncher. The Fine and Rare is Alec Bradley's rarest and most sought after cigar. Be sure to pick these up while they're still around!

Quesada Q D'etat: Daga
The Quesada Q D'état Daga (Dagger) is the third and final installment in the in their Q D'état series. The series was designed to build awareness for the fight to protect cigar smokers rights to enjoy this terrific past time. Each line of the series is was limited to 1,000 boxes.Each line in the series is a unique shape showcasing the craftsmanship involved in creating hand-rolled cigars. The Molotov, the first of the series was a short perfecto, the Howitzer, installment number 2, was a 6×60 ring gauge, and the Daga is a unique looking Salomon. The first two installments featured a unique blend of Dominican tobaccos. For the final installment, the Quesada family reintroduced the highly popular 35th anniversary blend which features a blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos.

The Daga is a quite complex smoke, far more so than the previous installments, and is most certainly my favorite of the line. The flavors are a bit nuanced at times but certainly discernable, the cigar burns well with a really outstanding draw once the bulb is fully burning. The Daga is more of a medium strength cigar and has a lot of flavor.

La Aurora Preferidos Diamond
La Aurora Perferido is the newest addition to the ever-popular Preferidos line.

The highlight of this cigar is that this is the first La Aurora Preferido to use an Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. The Preferidos Diamond also features the traditional double-ended figuardo shape first announced by Nestor Miranda back in April, the company confirmed that the cigar, the Preferidos Diamond, will come in the standard 5×54 Preferidos #2 vitola, and will be packaged in black tubes.

Trinidad Paradox
At the 2012 IPCPR Trade Show, Altadis unveiled its new Trinidad Paradox blend. This cigar follows the hot trend in the industry around the use of San Andres (Mexican) wrapper. It makes the first San Andres wrapper to be brought into the Trinidad family.

For Altadis (the parent company of the Trinidad line), the use of Mexican wrapper is nothing new. San Andres wrapper on cigars such as the A. Turrent Triple Play and A. Turrent Puro Corojo.

Quesada Tributo
Cain Daytona
Liga Privada Dirty Rat
La Palina
El Triumphador by Pete Johnson
262 Cigars
La Flor Dominicana Air Bender
Punch Rare Corojo
Fuente Rosado Sungrown
Illusione Epernay

Twins now carries the full line of Keurig Brewers as well as a full selection of coffee and tea for the brewers. They are one cup brewers and market the perfect cup of coffee every time with no waste.



We are pleased to officially announce that the Cigar Bar Lounge is open in Londonderry. We have our full liquor license with all your favorite liquor,wine and beer. Please stop by and have a cigar and enjoy a drink with Val! She will be serving you with a smile from 5-10 on fridays, starting tonight! We will be extending our hours very soon as well.

Please Note: You can NO longer bring any alcohol in the store.
You must be 21 to enter the lounge
The deck is an approved area to sit with your drink and cigar. Please do not leave the deck with your drink.
18 and older allowed in the store
if you are under 18, you must be accompanied with a parent or legal guardian. (for those of you coming in with your kids, its ok, but please keep them with you)


Our grand opening of our newly remodeled Hooksett location was enjoyed by all.

Our new location is at 9 W Alice Ave in Hooksett!

Come by and see all the work we've done.

We are the ONLY SHOP in New England that has
Fonseca Cubano Limitado
Handmade DR
Wrapper: HON
Binder: DR
Filler: NIC/DR
Medium-Full Bodied

Fonseca Cubano Limitada cigars are handmade in the Dominican Republic under the supervision of master blender Manuel Quesada. Tthese Cuban style smokes are the boldest of the Fonseca line. Each cigar is blended with rich, Dominican and Nicaraguan ligero tobacco and is finished off with an attractive, dark and oily Cuban seed leaf, grown in Honduras. The hearty dose of Cuban flavors and hints of caramel and spice make these well-balanced, smooth cigars truly something special!

Shawn's Pick of the Week
La Flor Dominicana Oro
La Flor Dominicana Oro
Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
Factory: Tabacalera La Flor S.A.
Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Binder: Dominican Republic (La Canela)
Filler: Dominican Republic (La Canela)
According to Litto Gomez, the line is said to be "an amped up Coronado blend," a reference to the line that debuted in 2006 with the company's first use of Nicaraguan Habano sun-grown leaves. The Cuban-seed wrapper leaves for the Oro come from a higher priming on the plant, which results in a bit more flavor and punch.

The name for the Oro line, which means gold in Spanish, is a nod to Gomez's previous career. In the mid 1990s, Gomez owned a jewelry shop in Miami's North Beach neighborhood called Pekin's. One day just before closing time, two men came into the shop and proceeded to gag and bind the hands of Gomez and his jeweler and make off with some $400,000 in jewelry. The pair were never caught, and while Gomez rarely speaks of that day, when he does its with gratitude as it was what turned him to the cigar business.

The new La Flor Dominicana Oro is being released in three versions, a Natural and Maduro in the Toro-like No. 6 vitola, which measures 6 x 54. The third size is a natural Chisel edition, which also measures 6 x 54 and features the Chisel tip for which LFD recently received a U.S. Trademark.

Great Smoke any time of the day!

Kurt's Pick of the Week
La Sirena
La Sirena

La Sirena is the newest cigar to be distributed by Miami Cigar & Company and it is being produced by the My Father factory in Nicaragua. La Sirena features a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. A medium-full bodied cigar & smooth.
Cigar: La Sirena
Size: 6 x 60 (King Poseidon)
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium/Full

Limited Edition: Tatuaje Black Lancero
Be the first to get your Tatuaje Black Lancero at Twins because only a 1,000 boxes of 10 are available with MSRP set at $10.00 per cigar. The Tatuaje Black Label Lancero first debuted after IPCPR 2012, as part of the Tatuaje Old Man and the C release for 2012. The Old Man and the C combines a Culebra and Lancero in a single box.

The Lancero and Culebra were the ninth and tenth vitolas of the Black Label line since the Corona Gorda debuted in November of 2007.

These are super limited, get yours today!!!

Illusione Vimana IN STOCK
The Illusione Singulare 2011 and 2012 are long-awaited additions to the Illusione Singulare series. The Singulare series was introduced two years ago. It uses the limited release concept of one size and one blend. It is a true limited concept because once the cigars are gone, they are gone. Illusione fans embraced the original Singulare offering (the Illusione Singulare 2010 Phantom) and were anxiously awaiting a the 2011 version. However, there were some delays and Illusione Founder Dion Giolito made the decision to push out the Singulare 2011 and package it with the Singulare 2012. The two Singulare each have been given the name Singulare 201x Vimana - with Vimana referring to the name of the vitola. This is a very impressive blend. You should try one today!

While the 2011 Singulare was delayed, Giolito was already at work on the 2012 version. As we said earlier, Giolito made a decision to package both the 2011 and 2012 together in the same box. The two Singulare blends are also different. The 2011 Singulare features a Cafe Rosado Corojo wrapper, while the 2012 Singulare features a San Andres Maduro wrapper. The maduro cigars are tissue-wrapped. Both the corojo and maduro cigars are arranged in an alternating fashion in each of the cigar boxes. There will be 15 cigars packaged per box and production will be capped at approximately 1200 boxes.

Miami Cigar Añoranzas IN STOCK
A soft box pressed beauty, the Añoranza cigar is a look into the cigars of yesteryear with the profile and body that todays discerning cigar smoker wants and expects from a premium cigar. Añoranzas, nostalgic in name, but modern in delivery. Available in 10 count & 20 count boxes.

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano Oscuro
Binder: Nicaragua (Dual Binder)
Filler: Nicaragua
Medium-Full Body

Rocky Patel Edge Candela IN STOCK
The Edge Candela is a medium bodied cigar and the latest addition to The Edge line. The candela wrapper gives the blend a truly unique flavor, consisting of sweet spice and floral tea, ultimately lending a creamy finish.

The wrapper is a Habano Seed Candela, and the binder and fillers are a secret. Says Rocky Patel of the new Edge Candela, "I blended the Limited Edition Edge Candela for The Edge fans - it still holds the flavor profile that is so beloved by Edge lovers every where, and the wrapper just gives it a distinctively spicy and creamy twist".

The Edge Candela is available in Toro size (6 x 52) and is sold in boxes of 20. It is a limited edition product with only 1,000 boxes made by the El Paraiso factory in Honduras. Just released, it is now available at all fine retailers, like Twins Smoke Shop.

All in stock at Twins!

Quesada Q D'Etat Howitzer IN STOCK
Following the release of the massively successful Molotov, the Quesada's bring you a 6 x 60 monster, called the Howitzer. The Q D'Etat line is meant to shine a light on the government's attempt to restrict our freedoms to enjoy our favorite cigars, which are perfectly LEGAL products. Each box comes with a membership application to join the Cigar Rights of America, who are fighting to preserve our freedoms to legally enjoy premium cigars. These Howitzers are extremely limited, with only 1,000 boxes produced. Make sure to try one soon, before they're ALL GONE!

•Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
•Factory: The Quesada Factory
•Wrapper: Dominican
•Binder: Dominican
•Filler: Dominican
•Size: 6 Inches
•Ring Gauge: 60
•Vitola: Gordo

All in stock at Twins!

Oretega Series D Natural IN STOCK
It was only a few months ago that Eddie Ortega brought his well-received Ortega Serie D Maduro to market, and it's clear he has no plans to rest on his laurels.

Serie D Natural features the same filler and binder as the Maduro (tobaccos from Esteli and Jalapa), as well as the same box-pressed format, but distinguishes itself with an Ecuadoran Habano Rosado wrapper. The Serie D Natural is available in 10-count and 20-count boxes in 6 vitolas.

A smooth,enjoyable smoke!

All in stock at Twins!

PDR 1878 Reserva IN STOCK
PDR 1878 Reserva Dominicana Capa Oscura
Size: 5 x 52
Wrapper: Dominican Republic Habano Oscuro
Binder: Dominican Republic Habano
Filler: Dominican Republic (Corojo, Habano, Criollo 98)
Strength: Medium

All in stock at Twins!

7-20-4 1874 Series Corona Especial
Rated 92 in Cigar Aficionado
We all know 7-20-4 but how well do we now 1874?

The 7-20-4 1874 Series is a completely different cigar from the initial 7-20-4 line. The name 1874 is the year that the 7-20-4 factory opened. Let's take a closer look at the 7-20-4 1874 Series:

Blend Profile
Perhaps the most intriguing thing about this blend is the use of an Indonesian binder.This provided a nice edge in terms of flavor for the 7-20-4 1874 Series. The Nicaraguan wrapper has a natural look to it. It is very smooth with minimal veins.

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Jalapa Habano
Binder: Indonesian
Filler: Nicaraguan Jalapa and Nicaraguan Esteli

Vitolas Available
Robusto Especial: 5¼ x 52
Series Corona Especial: 6 x 46
Series Torpedo Especial: 6½ x 54

Flavor Profile
The 7-20-4 1874 Series immediately gives off a quick dose of pepper. The pepper settled down and the vanilla notes that were present on the pre-light draw resurfaced. These vanilla notes were definitely bolder (but not overpowering) than on the pre-light and join the pepper in the forefront. About 20% into the cigar experience, some cream and natural sugar cane joined the flavor profile. The vanilla notes continued to ramp up. Around this point, I also detected pepper through the nostrils as well. The remainder of the smoking experience featured the pepper, vanilla, and sugar cane alternating as to which one is in the forefront. The 7-20-4 1874 Series finished very smooth. The nub was a little warm, but it was firm.

Burn and Draw
Kendall's initial 7-20-4 cigar was a quality cigar in terms of what I term the construction attributes of burn and draw. The 7-20-4 1874 Series picks right up. The burn of the 1874 Series was straight requiring very little in the way of touch-ups. It burned at an ideal rate and ideal temperature. The draw was outstanding and was as good as one can get.

Strength and Body
The strength of the 7-20-4 1874 Series did not overpower me with tons of nicotine. It provided the right amount of pop allowing for this cigar to be assessed as medium strength. The flavor notes had some nice depth to them. I would classify the notes as medium to full-bodied. The strength and body balance each other very well - providing the right amount of strength and the right amount of mouth watering flavor.

Final Thoughts
This is the kind of cigar you could recommend to either a novice or experienced cigar enthusiast to enjoy. This is not only a cigar that you would buy again, but one worthy of a box purchase.

Click here for the review and yes, we have it at Twins!

Don Pepin Blue Label Exclusivo IN STOCK
The Don Pepin Blue Label is a full bodied cigar with a unique composition and blend. It has an enjoyable flavor and exquisite aroma and construction. Made at the My Father Cigar Factory in Esteli, Nicaragua by the father and son team, Don Pepin Garcia and son Jaime, two of the hottest cigar manufacturers in the industry today. Their cigar expertise and years of experience making cigar in Cuba, has lead to their success in the American cigar market.

9¼ x 48 ("A" Size)
Origin: USA (Miami, FL)
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo
Binder: Nicaraguan Criollo
Filler: Nicaraguan Criollo, Corojo

All in stock at Twins!

This unique cigar brand based in Miami, Florida. The brand is called Canimao, and all of their cigars are made in a small and truly boutique factory in Miami, Florida. All of their cigars are made in the Cuban fashion, and are finished with a great triple cap. Looking at the band, and one size. The cigars are composed of filler tobacco from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, and are then covered in an Ecuadorian Sumatra binder. To finish, the cigar is then draped with a gorgeous Arapiraca wrapper from Brazil that is two years old. It is very Cubanesque in appearance, and has a nice oily finish to a texture that is toothy, silky and veiny. It has a nice Natural Brown coloring to it, very simple, and it is firm in hand. The aroma at the foot and on the wrapper is that of wood, coffee, leather and tons of spices.

All in stock at Twins!

Casa Magna Seleccion Domus Magnus Limitada
Three sizes of S.A.G.'s Casa Magna Domus Magnus have been added to the limited-edition brand. A collaboration between Manuel Quesada of Matasa and Nestor Plasencia, Domus Magnus was released last year as a follow-up to the core Casa Magna line and came in two box-pressed sizes, Optimus and Prime.

"After we finished making the 5,000 boxes of Optimus and Prime we still had very high demand," said Terence Reilly of Matasa/S.A.G. "We had enough tobacco to make an additional 30,000 cigars so we made 1,000 boxes of three different sizes."

The sizes are Centuriones, 4¾ inches by 50 ring; Praetores, 7 by 56; and Bellatores a 6 by 54 torpedo.

Like the original release, the new sizes are also box-pressed with pigtails, except the Bellatores. In keeping with the original theme, "centurions" were the equivalents of sergeants in the Roman army; "praetores" were Roman officials; and "bellatores" were soldiers.

The blend hasn't changed, consisting of all Nicaraguan tobacco and a sun-grown wrapper from Jalapa. Domus Magnus is made in Nicaragua at Plasencia Cigars S.A. in Esteli.

All in stock at Twins!

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